The 10th Award Profile of the Recipient

The 10th Takashi Nagai Memorial Nagasaki Peace Award Profile of the Recipient

  1. Name and age
    Ohtsura Niwa, born in Japan on July 16, 1943 (71 years old)
  2. Education
    - Graduated from Kyoto University (Zoology)
    Enrolled in Postgraduate Course Kyoto University (Zoology; Department of Radiobiology)
    - Enrolled in Postgraduate course, Stanford University (Biophysics)
    - Completed the above and obtained Ph.D.
  3. Professional appointments
    Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine
    Assistant, Department of Experimental Radiology
    Hiroshima University Research Institute for Nuclear Medicine and Biology
    1984-1991 Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology
    Professor, (department above renamed as the Department of Molecular Pathology with reorganization in 1994)
    Kyoto University Radiation Biology Center
    National Institute of Radiological Sciences
    Deputy Director, Research Center for Charged Particle Therapy
    Fukushima Medical University
    Extraordinary Professor
  4. Reasons for selection
    After graduating from Kyoto University, Professor Niwa played an important role as a researcher.
    In 1984, when he worked as an associate professor at Hiroshima University Research Institute for Nuclear Medicine and Biology he made many research achievements regarding the heath effects of atomic bomb survivors, especially in the area of Radiation Carcinogenic Mechanisms.
    In 1997, Professor Niwa also made important achievements as the lead professor at the Kyoto University Radiation Biology Center.
    He is highly respected internationally and has held prominent positions such as President of the Japanese Radiation Research Society, a Member of Committee 1 on the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP, 2001-2009), President of the International Association for Radiation Research (IARR), and member of the ICRP Main Commission (2009- to the present).
    Currently, he is an Extraordinary Professor at the International Department of Fukushima Medical University. He is devoted to helping the people of Fukushima Prefecture and is the recipient of much gratitude and admiration there. Professor Niwa has been highly evaluated on the grounds of all the above activities, and thus selected as the recipient for this time's prize.

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