The 7th Award Profile of the Recipient

The 7th Takashi Nagai Memorial Nagasaiki Peace Award Profile of the Recipient

  1. Personal information 
    Dr. Anatoly Tsyb
  2. Academic background
    ・1957   Graduated from Uzhgorod State University
    ・1959-1961   Post-graduate student, Medical School, Uzhgorod State University
    ・1961-1978   Studied as a graduate student at the Research Institute of Medical Radiology of the Soviet Union (RIMR), then worked as a researcher and later a division head
    ・1978-1992    Executive Director of RIMR
    ・1992-present    Director of Medical Radiological Research Center, Russian Academy of
    Medical Sciences (MRRC RAMS = former RIMR)
  3. Major achievements
    ・1986   Established and headed the Russian National Medical and Dosimetric Registry (RNMDR) for those exposed to radiation as a result of the Chernobyl accident
    ・1986-present    Implemented a Federal Program in mitigation of health effects of radiation
    ・1989   Participated in the International Conference Concerning Health Effects of Residents and the Ecological Survey of the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site
    ・1993    Invited by Prime Minister Nakasone to give a keynote speech at the International  Conference on Post-Cold War Cooperative Denuclearization and Plutonium  Issues
    ・1996   Participated in International Conference ‘Decade after Chernobyl’ and gave a  presentation on behalf of WHO
  4. Reasons for the award

Since during the days of the Soviet Union, Dr. Tsyb has undertaken a key role in the promotion of the medical treatment for patients affected by radiation and the safeguard of radiation, both as an academician of RAMS and as the director of the Medical Radiological Research Center of RAMS.
After the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, Dr. Tsyb played a leading role in the rescue support activities of victims, by constructing a database for the measurements of environmental radiation pollution, the estimate of population radiation exposure and the registration and health checks of the large amount of victims.  In particular, this database includes the registration and long-term follow-up of the 240,000 military and fire fighters involved in clean-up and decontamination operations up to a year after the disaster, who experienced a relatively high dose of radiation.
Since May 1991, Dr. Tsyb has been active as the Russian representative for the Chernobyl Sasagawa Project and WHO Chernobyl Medical Support Cooperation Project.  He is also active as the head representative for medical cooperation and joint academic research between Japan and international organizations.  Furthermore, he is the Russian representative for emergency medical radiation treatment programs of WHO, IAEA and other international organizations, as well as the chairman of the Russian Scientific Commission of Radiation Protection.
Dr. Tsyb was awarded this prize to recognize this wide variety of achievements which has lead to the improvement in the health conditions of the people of the Russian Federation and Chernobyl victims, the promotion of radiation science research, initiation of international joint projects and the education of young researchers.

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