The 5th Award Profile of the Recipient

1. Name of Organization
Japan Chernobyl Foundation

2.History of Organization
anuary 1991: Establishment of the foundation.
October 1992: Awarded by Belarusian Minister of Health.
May 1994: Awarded 1st Shin-Mai Award.
April 2000: Awarded Franchishk Shkarina Award.

3.Main Activity of Organization
(1) Diagnosis and Therapy of Childhood Thyroid Diseases

  • They performed the medical screening of thyroid gland in schoolchildren of Gomel region, Belarus, and invited high risk children to Japan for further examination.
  • They delegated Japanese medical specialists for diagnosis and therapy of thyroid diseases, and donated diagnosis and operational equipment during 1991-1998.

(2) Diagnosis and Therapy of Childhood Leukemia

  • They have investigated the immunological activity of children living in high contaminated areas since 1991.
  • They have trained Belarusian medical specialists in Japan, donated drugs and medical equipment, and delegated Japanese medical specialists, in order to support diagnosis and therapy of 100 patients with childhood leukemia admitted in Gomel Regional Hospital.
  • They have supported intensive therapy of leukemia and peripheral stem cell transplantation at Gomel Regional Hospital since 1997.

(3) Improvement of Medical Infrastructure

  • They have donated of medical equipment and kits for accurate diagnosis.
  • They established telemedicine system between Sinshu University (Japan) and Gomel Regional Hospital and Minsk Pediatric Hematological Cancer Center (Belarus) by satellite communication for diagnostic support and tele-conferencing.

(4) Neonatal Support System

They have delegated medical specialists for the improvement of perinatal medical support system.

(5) Medical Screening of Adolescents

They have performed medical screening for thyroid and hematological diseases of 150 schoolchildren in Poleshe Shool, which has been highly contaminated.

4. The Reason of the Prize
Japan Chernobyl Foundation established in 1993, in order to relief the irradiated victims suffered from the accident of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. They have performed fund-raising from Jaoanese citizens and continuous suppor to local doctors by donating medical equipment and drugs, in order to improve the medical infrastructure in this area.
Based on the above mentioned their activities, we decided to award them.

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