The 4th Award Profile of the Recipient

Evgueni Demidchik
1. Name
Evgueni Demidchik
  (Head of the Thyroid Tumors Department of the Research and Clinical Institute for Radiation Medicine and Endocrinology of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus)
(Academician, National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus)
2. Major Academic and Work Background :

January 2, 1925 Born in Minsk Region, The Republic of Belarus
1958-1965 Head of the Surgical Department of the Regional Hospital in Mogilev (Republic of Belams)
1965- 1966 Head of the Radiosurgery Department of the Research and Develoment Institute for Oncology and Medical Radiology in Minsk (Republic of Belarus)
1966- 1997 Head of the Oncological Clinic and Head ofthe Department of the Minsk State Medical Institute
I 997-200 I Head of the Thyroid Tumors Department of the Research and Clinical Institute for Radiation Medicine and Endocrinology
3.Major Achievements and Activities:

1990 Establishment of the Belarussian Research and Practical Thyroid Tumor Centre in order to develop medical treatment for the victims of radiation exposure after the Chemobyl accident and for the research of radiation- induced thyroid cancer.
1992 Firstly reported the increase of childhood thyroid cancer after the Chemobyl accident. (Nature v.359)
1996 Development and introduction of techniques of radical surgical treatment of children with thyroid cancer. Establishment of bank oftumor tissues for future research
and investigation.
1998 Proved the necessity to apply preventive neck
lymphodissection for radiation-induced thyroid cancer.

4. Main Reasons for Selection
Dr. Demidchik is a well-known and world-famous thyroid surgeon, who has devoted himself for a long time to patients with thyroid cancer, especially children after the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Accident and even during the critical period of the catastrophe in the former USSR. He has contributed a lot to establishing the Minsk Thyroid Cancer Center in the Republic of Belarus. Dr. Demidchik has fIrst reported the rapid increase of childhood thyroid cancer in the international scientific joumal, NATURE, in 1992 and coordinated many international projects on Chemobyl Thyroid Cancer, these achievements have been highly evaluated in the world. More specifically, he has introduced and maintained successfully radioisotope therapy, I-131 , to patients with operated childhood thyroid cancer.
Dr. Demidchik is of novel character and highly respected. He is now 76 years-old but still supervises actively in the frontline of thyroid surgery for radiation-exposed patients.
Therefore, Dr. Demidchik has been highly evaluated as the most suitable winner for the 4th Annual Nagasaki Dr. Nagai Peace Memorial Prize.

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