The 1st Award Profile of the Recipient

Tatsuichiro Akizuki
1. Name
Tatsuichiro Akizuki
2. Curriculum Vitae

January 3,1916 Born in Manzai-machi, Nagasaki City
March 1940 Graduated from Kyoto University Medical School
June 1940 to April 1941 Assistant to Dr. Takashi Nagai in the Department of Physical Rehabilitation, Nagasaki Medical College
June 1941 to July 1944 Physician at Takahara Medical Clinic
August 1944 to March 1948 Medical director at No.1 Urakami Hospital
(now St. Francis Hospital)
June 1949 Private practice in Yue, Kitatakaki-gun, Nagasaki Prefecture
December 1951 Physician at Yue Town Clinic
April 1952 Medical Director at St. Francis Hospital
January 1985 Consultant, St. Francis Hospital
November 1968 Japan Medical Association Excellent Service Award
April 1972 Sixth Yoshikawa Eiji Award for Contributions to Culture and Society
November 1972 Nagasaki Prefecture Citizen's Award
April 1976 Nagasaki City Award for Meritorious Service
February 1980 St. Silvester Award from the Vatican
May 1994 Fourth Order of the Sacred Treasure

3. Major Activities

In his book Nagasaki Genbakki (A Record of the Nagasaki Atomic Bombing) published in 1966, Dr. Akizuki shocked Japan with descriptions of his activities after the atomic bomb survivors, Dr. Akizuki was actively involved in efforts for relief legislation and in movements for the abolition of nuclear weapons. His many positions in this regard include chairman of the Nagasaki Testimony Association, chairman of the board of directors of the Nagasaki Foundation for the Promotion of Peace, and consultant to the Nagasaki chapter of IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War).

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